As trainers, we hear the two excuses all the time and they are BIG LIES that ROB YOU from Looking and Feeling Your Best.  If you think you are"TOO OUT OF SHAPE"or"YOU HATE EXERCISE"please read below:  


I'm too out of shape to exercise:  One survey found the top reason why people choose not to join a gym is because they want to get into better shape or lose weight first.  This backwards approach may never get you to your goals!  At Premier Personal Training, we have worked hard to create an environment that is friendly, non-intimidating and comfortable.  We’ll get you through these initial awkward feelings.  


I hate exercise:  In the beginning, exercise may feel like a chore, but eventually it will become a physical and mental health need.  It is important to find activities you enjoy doing so that you will participate in them regularly, see the results, and get hooked.  Use music, try hiking or walking, and add variety to your program to make it more fun.  Exercise with friends.  Studies show you tend to achieve better results that way because it will become more difficult to skip workouts.  There is also no evidence to suggest that exercise needs to be painful.  If it hurts that much, you may be doing too much, too soon.  While exercising, you may feel some discomfort, muscular fatigue, or a burning sensation near the end of a set or an exercise bout.  These feelings are normal.  However, while performing an exercise, you should not feel sharp pain.  This is not normal and you should stop the exercise immediately and consult a sports physician or physiotherapist.  All of us have experienced muscle soreness after a new activity or highly intense workout.  Remember the feeling after your first day of skiing, first aerobics class, or the first run of the summer?  This sensation is referred to as delayed onset muscle soreness because it usually takes one to three days after the workout for the stiffness to surface.  Many participants rate the effectiveness of a workout by how sore they are afterwards, but it you are training appropriately, there is no need to be that sore.  It is okay to think "Hey, my muscles feel like they had a great workout yesterday." However, if you have a problem getting out of a chair, walking, or even just moving, you are training too hard - and not very sensibly.  To reduce the likelihood of extreme muscle soreness from training sessions, always warm up, cool down, stretch, and progress slowly.  Once you have established a consistent exercise routine, there are no extra health benefits from pushing yourself to be extremely sore.  Remember – pain is a warning signal that your body has done too much too soon.  When you experience extreme muscle soreness or pain, back off on the intensity of your program and progress more slowly.  "No pain, no gain" is a myth.  Pain is not necessary to improve your fitness and get results.


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